360° Product-Animation

Rouse your product to life. The product presentation in 360° raises the bar!

Interactive – mouse click & motion for details and turning object


Fotodesign Unterleithner produce individual 360° shots with support of Hensel and XY-Imager flexible industrial components.


With a rotating load of 120kg and a diameter of 1,2m the basis is given for small, big and even bulky products to get photographed. Thanks to the intuitive controls of the presentation the visitor is able to take a close look to the product.


To show the product functionality moving components (doors, caps … open/close) are an eye catcher in the presentation.

360° Product-Animation

Typical amount of shots are 24, 36 or 72 but can of course be individually configured. The single high resolution 360° shots are then mastered by use of dedicated animation software to the 360 degree presentation.


The higher the number of shots, the more uniform the rotation will be, up to a barely recognizable difference compared to a video.

The website integration is done with HTML5 (JavaScript) but can also be implemented with Flash. Of course, pictures of a 360 degree series can be used for other purposes as well.

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