Hensel Flashes and XY Imager Turntable

The System is built of high quality industrial components made by Hensel and XY-Imager for digitizing your product.




The demand for 360 degree shots is steadily increasing in all industrial sectors, for presentation at the Webshop and for documentation purposes. To best present the characteristics and features of the product on your website we use the most flexible photo solution for professional 360° and 3D photography.


With a rotating load of 120kg and a diameter of 40 - 120cm the basis is given for small, big and even bulky products to get photographed.




High-quality 360° and full-3D product images are provided when combining the solutions of both manufacturer, Hensel and XY Imager.


Lighting products „Made in Germany“ and the modular XY Imager System „Made in Austria“ set the stage for perfect results.


In quick shot mode, pictures are recorded without interrupting the turn. Working with people at the turntable requires even more focused working compared to traditional people-photography.




Hensel compact flashes ideally complement the solution to photograph your product in the intended light. Product speed, reliability, and steady colour temperature of compact flashes allow even less experienced users to produce first-class 360° images of many different motifs. The wide assortment of light shaping tools allows to create exactly the look you like.